About Us

We are engaged in the development, production and distribution of beauty products

Latest technology, many years of professional experience of DARIX experts, as well as love for the diverse forms of beauty are the basis of our work.

Our mission is to create and offer perfect products that emphasize the beauty and individuality of each, as well as meet the diverse personal needs and physical characteristics of a person.


To realize our mission, we have defined a value system that acts as a link between the brand and our customers, partners and colleagues, and allows us to move confidently in the chosen direction.


Respect for the diversity of beauty is the main source of inspiration. We strive to create and offer perfect products that focus individuality, and also meet the diverse personal needs and physical characteristics, habits and worldview, environmental conditions and purchasing abilities of everyone.


While developing and manufacturing the beauty products, we focus on the desires and needs of our customers.


We treat each of our clients and partners with respect: we fulfill our obligations, take responsibility for every word and action, make sure that everyone feels confident and reliable while contacting for brand offers.


Everything that we do, we do meaningfully: On large-scale, eco-friendly and efficient. A constant desire to expand the boundaries of knowledge and opportunities is one of our ways to be one step ahead.


We find opportunities to create innovative solutions and use the latest technology for the development and production of cosmetics.

We closely follow market trends and offer our partners the best turnkey solutions.


Build your guaranteed successful business with our profitable franchise.